Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wildly Abundant Pantry

'Tis the Season FOR
Day Lily Dinners 

I have been wild about day lilies near the woods since I was a little girl. Back then, I called them tiger lilies. I can't remember for sure but, I assume, at some point, I saw a picture of tiger lilies and believed these wild things were the same thing. 
In any case, I loved them just the same. So much so, that every summer when we went camping I would pick a handful and put them in a brown beer-bottle vase with some Brown-eyed Susans on our temporary table to "surprise" my Mom with this lovely discovery. 
Like many nature nuts, as an adult I made a point of transplanting some from the woods to my yard. When we had to relocate unexpectedly, I did it again...and one more time when I downsized to my new house in 2010. 
Now, my sweet little house is surrounded by them. 

Sweeter still...I discovered several years ago, as I was discovering Wild Edibles and defining my Wild Plant Allies for Creative Wellness; that these lovely vibrant things are FOOD. Surprisingly yummy and easy to eat fresh or dried for soups for later; I have come to enjoy them even more every year. From blossoms to roots (tubers), all parts are edible and tasty when collected at the right time in the growing season. 
Great fresh alone or added to salads, I am also
 Drying Day Lily Petals for use in winter soups, etc. 

[Disclaimer: MOST Lilies are poisonous. Be sure to consult a qualified professional to make sure you have the CORRECT wild plant before making it food for your table.Always gather your wild edibles from CLEAN land unexposed to pollution or toxic sprays.]

There is just something about collecting and consuming them (in a sustainable way) that feels like replenishing the well with a little love from Mother Nature. 

The further I travel into the wisdom of Wild Abundance the more certain I am that the Earth holds us within her heart and bestows many blessings upon us should we choose to see them. 

As part of the Affordable Art For Wellness mission in my studio, my photographs from
these Wild to the Pantry Discoveries are easily available for purchase.
I learn something new EVERY day. 
Wild about what I find out,
 I am documenting these wild wellness discoveries in my art. 

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