Thursday, June 4, 2015

TIME FOR A CHANGE ~ Empowering My Audience

(a.k.a. "fan","follower", "tweeter", "blogger", "patron",etc.) 

It has come to my attention that there just is NOT enough time...for so many IMPORTANT Things....partly because MY time is being EATEN by social media demands to market AND "increase awareness" and "sell" my intentions....
I am bombarded on a daily basis with a plethora of urgent "tips" on best practices for 'finding my audience" "developing a target market" and promoting myself on social media. 

This month, the pressure-to-post-everywhere-in-case-there-is-an-audience-I-missed was getting to me so much that I even started a trial with Hootsuite to try to schedule my posts in advance to meet the "need" to market.

It just feels ludicrous to have to do that. 

I am actively managing my Studio Website & Facebook Page, The Belfast Organization For Artists Blog and Facebook Page, The Art For Arachnoiditis Project WordPress Website and Facebook Page, AND profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Patreon, Google+, Youtube,...and of course here at Blogspot, just to name a few. There is no "marketing team" doing the PR. I am doing all of this just to try to make potential patrons aware that I am here in the studio making the art. However, this continues to eat up more and more of my actual creative pain-management AND art-making time. The demand that we must engage via social media is a threat to becoming/remaining Sustainably Creative.

I am posting posts with no clue who is reading them...or if anyone is. 
IT IS TIME TO JUST SAY, "NO" to the time-sucking, no guarantees, commercial industry that all of that has become. 
Instead of blog-moaning about it anymore, I am making CHANGES

As an experiment, my NEW Art, Studio Announcements, Project Updates, Inspirations, Musings, and other Studio bloggy-news will now be posted in my Patreon Activity Feed along with patron-only printable portfolio art, special offers, events, and anything else the muses inspire me to make available to YOU. Art For Arachnoiditis Project news can be found there, too and (until July 25, 2015) on Rocket Hub. My Patreon posts for The Art For Arachnoiditis Project will always be FREE.

At Patreon you can choose any amount for your subscription price from $1 and up. That $1 allows you to have access to my Patreon patron-only activity feed. 
Then,  YOU choose how much you want to get, pay per Release, and YOU choose the limit for the number of payments you will make per month. The amount you spend determines the amount you receive. 

Not only does that sound like a fair exchange, it also Empowers YOU with the ability to decide how much of my Art and Commentary you receive... No more unwanted posts in your newsfeed, etc. You get JUST the SheilaLynnK Art Studio dose that you want and ONLY when YOU want it. 
AND you can win stuff like your own pet portrait
similar to this one:

Or Get Rewards Like this
$25 Subscription  Loving Love! You get one of these! 

From what I understand, this will be a way to consolidate ALL of my time-crippling marketing (read as "social media") demands, post my studio news and offers, and provide AFFORDABLE art to those who want and need it most instead of Making and Releasing my hard-won, heartfelt ART out into the ether in hopes that SOMEBODY who needs or wants it will catch it. 

 Become A Patron Here if you'd like to continue to receive Previews of New Releases, Public Posts about Charitable projects, and other Announcements Like the one about this NEW Summer Sale Idea from me at SheilaLynnK Art Studio. 

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