Friday, June 7, 2013

A Marketable Entity

An important milestone for my studio.
Until now, all sales have been done on a pre-order or commissioned basis.
Today I received my first shipment of printed items for retail sale. I have been working...working...waiting and waiting and waiting and working some more... it seems to get to the point that I could afford to have these items pre-published and ready to sell to the public in "real-time" as it were...
The images, from the 1996-2013 portfolio, selected for this first bulk "publication" run were determined based on feedback from facebook, blog, and website followers.
Patrons can still Click the order form tab at the top of the Website to select these and other items.

11''x14" poster prints, note cards (blank inside), post cards, calendars, and coloring books are now available for local purchase.
Titles Starting at Top left corner to the top right corner are as follows:
Row 1:
Great Wellsville Balloon Rally Painting 2013 Conceptual Drawing (limited edition prints), All Things(limited edition prints), Gesture Study '99
Row 2:
Great Wellsville Balloon Rally Fine Art Coloring Book, Flame (post card), All Things (note card), August Rising (note card), Mask (note card), Flame (poster print)
        Branching Out (note card), Safe Landing (note card), Purple Cloak (post card)
Row 3:
"Honesty & Hope (a.k.a No Pain, No Gain)"poster prints, Night Glory (post card), Juda (post card), Four Petals (post card), Awake (March 2014 of Sample Calendar)
 Sunflower #12 (post card), Deer Face (post card), Parody Lane (post card), Living Room (note card), Branching Out (post card)

Additional custom orders can still be submitted via the  Gifts and Novelties link on my website. The Twelve Month Wall Calendar includes 12 original copy right protected Sheila L. Kalkbrenner images of your choice. Be sure to select one for each month of the year when ordering.

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