Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Still Standing Installation Complete

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Still Standing is on display at Jones Memorial Hospital for the remainder of the season at the request of the Rehabilitations Services Director. Currently seeking additional locations for display.
This work is dedicated with many thanks to the healing hands of Anne Galvin who cared when no one else could anymore.
Additional thanks to:
The Jones Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Services staff for their patience and kindness when I was not myself.
ARA The Counseling Center’s Terry Smith for your time and guidance.
Dante, Crystal, and Kierra Carlton and Joseph Curcio – you inspire me to be the best me that I can be.
Paul & Cecy Curcio for everything you do for the people around you.
My family and friends - for your patience when I could no longer participate.-slk
Still Standing is a photographic documentation of the cyclic nature of the chronic pain experience. Each frame demonstrates the artist's interpretation of a season in the cycle of coping with chronic pain. The work illustrates the balance that may be found in adaptation. The circular installment and positioning of each frame displays the endless repetition of the cycle and the grace that can be found in the fleeting moments of acceptance. Each photograph was taken by the artist to record locations on the road to recovery. (These are scenes from the Greenway Snowmobile trail that runs through Belfast, NY.) The images are framed by paper sculpture which amplifies the significance of the view at each location. The paper sculpture process was used as part of the artist's personal healing process to recover fine motor skills from May to September 2009. This work is intended for display in pain management and rehabilitation clinics.

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